Penpal Kitchen VR

VR (Oculus Rift), Unity

Prepare ingredients in a cozy virtual reality kitchen environment, and learn how to cook the Korean dish gimbap!

Made as a team of two. I was responsible for the Unity (including VR development), programming, and 3D art.

  • Won the top prize for the 2020 'BiFAN X Unity Short Film Challenge.'
  • Featured in Unity Technology's 'Unite Seoul 2020.'
  • Featured in 3 exhibitions, including at Korea's Incheon International Airport.

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AR Hwacha

AR, Unity

Bring a historical Korean weapon to life. An Android and iOS (beta) based AR app that syncronizes with a wooden model.

Made as a team of two. I handled the Unity development, coding, and the AR using Vuforia.

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Daejojeon VR

VR (Oculus Quest), Unity

Explore a recreation of an 18th century Korean palace in VR, and solve a historically-inspired mystery.

Made as a team of three, with me acting as lead designer and responsible for Unity, coding, environmental modeling, and the shaders.

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Distant Beats

Multiplayer, Unity, Installation

Feel heartbeats across continents.

An multi-user installation that was set up in NYC and Seoul in 2021. Using arduino and heartbeat sensors, the scene dynamically reacts to the heartbeats of the participants.

Made as a team of four, with me responsible for environmental modeling and background shaders.

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Penpal Kitchen 2D

Windows & Mac, 2D, Unity

Cook something tasty.

A 2D-cooking game for Unity, made as a prototype ahead of the VR version and for promotion.

Made as a team of 2, with me responsible for coding and Unity management.

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